Vol. 5 = Message of Love

In enthralling style defying immitation, string orchestra, choirs and cathredral organ unite. Deep masculine voices interchange with powerful, rich sounds of the organ in lengthy passages of great devotion. A tremendous work. Premiere New Year 2000 as a guide for the new century.

Vol. 6 = Libera me

This is the first composition in the fascinating vibrato technique, which Alexander Aandersan employs so impressively. Again purely instrumental, relinguishing choirs and soloists. In unmistakable Aandersan-style, the chords flow and mingle. Mellow yet powerful they convey the listener into another world. Overwhelming sounds of etheral beauty allow one to forget time and space. An exceedingly impressive and gripping composition.

Vol. 7 = Yearning

Again one is fascinated by the unique vibrato technique, which Alexander Aandersan accomplishes so effectfully. Overwhelming passages full of devotion captivate the listener. The almost hypnotic effect of this music in typical Aandersan-style is extraordinarily impressive. This is not yearning, it is fulfilment!

Vol. 8 = Angels of the Lord

A deeply touching music. Like admonishing angels, four different flute tones surface in succession and fascinating repetition. Penetrating and stirring, they captivate the attention. It is scarcely possible for one to withdraw from the effect of such impressively arranged sounds. Exalted and full of purity, this music is more than just music - it is prayer, joy and hope!

Vol. 9 = Agnus Dei

A choir composition throughout. In exaltation and rejoicing again and again new choirs rise one above the other until a colossal sound space results! Never before have choirs without text been employed so exquisitely. An overwhelming finale. This has very rightly been designated "a sensation in church music".

Vol. 10 = Contemplation

Music which touches the heart, giving comfort and hope. Especially helpful during difficult times in life. In unmistakable Aandersan-style with wonderful, serenely flowing transitions, we are enveloped in warm, comforting sounds from string instruments. From first to last beat, this music bestows on us tremendous inner peace and calm. A composition of the earlier phase.

Vol. 11 = Dona nobis pacem I

Powerful and dramatic. The deep humming of bass voices interchanges with the beautiful high voices of young choirboys. As the choirs strike up in succession a tremendous feeling of excitement is achieved. Ever increasing mighty sounds of organ and string instruments swell to a climax as a second cathedral organ takes over the lead and launches the eight minute finale consisting of an overwhelming triad of organ, double four-voiced choirs and string instruments. In order to be able to adequately describe the extraordinary beauty and grandeur of this music, a new language must be invented! An ingenious work.  A Bestseller.

Vol. 12 = Dona nobis pacem II

The intensified version of 'Dona nobis pacem I' with even stronger tension. At the same time both exciting and liberating. Seldom before has the breathing in and out of the universe been so movingly portrayed. Seemingly unearthly men's voices and the clear young voices of choirboys. Here also choirs hum and sing without text. Extremely impressive.

Vol. 14 = Adoration

A serene work, gentle and full of inner peace yet filled with suspense. In typical Aandersan-style, with his soft, almost unnoticeable changes of sound and modulations, impressive passages of string instruments alternate with restrained background choirs and the mighty sounds from the organ. An exceedingly stirring music which touches the heart and gives support.

Vol. 15 = Kyrie eleison

An earnest composition which touches the heart. Arousing choirs, masculine voices of supreme tenderness alternate with deepest bass voices and string instruments. Soloists plead wordlessly to God... Never before have choirs been so devotedly arranged. Never have organs sounded more gentle. Here and there one holds ones breath! A sacred work. It does not end, it ebbs...

Vol. 16 = Terra dolorosa

Very earnest, a deeply moving work. Lengthy tones from the cellos join with the string orchestra and restrained singing of the choir voices, which express the acute suffering of our deeply afflicted earth. Then  strains of encouragement and hope resound and one recognizes the well-known and unmistakable "Call" taken from 'The Third' which confers great courage and hope and foretells of forthcoming help. A music which penetrates the heart deeply.

Vol. 17 = Revelation

This mighty work is deeply stirring and emotional. Provoking trombones, in fascinating vigorous style yet full or repose, slowly rise above the restrained voices of the choir and suspense of the orchestral sounds in admonishment. In reply to the extended wordless lamentation of the choirs, powerful wind instruments, often remindful of carillons, sound like a summons full of hope coming from a distant future. What is the meaning of the fading away of the final chords? Does this music contain an encoded secret?  A Bestseller.

Vol. 18 = Voice of the Heart

Calmly and without emotion, the sounds are filled with faith and confidence: "All will be well". As a calm pole like a background vibration, the music bestows a feeling of profound peacefulness and uniting with all of Creation. A very beautiful, gentle composition - direct to the heart.

Vol. 19 = The Power of Love

Of all the hitherto publicized works, this is the most impressive, commencing with quivering sounds of humming combined with string instruments. Soon after, an extremly powerful bass tuba penetrates with tremendous urgency, proclaiming the power of love. The pursuing interwoven slow-motion blasts of the trombones captivate the listener. The clear, radiant tones of the cathedral organ build a magnificient contrast to the profound sounds of the bass instruments, which render this CD its grandeur. A tremendously dramatic, mighty work which dwells with the listener.

Vol. 20 = Path into the Light

Accentuated by deep prolonged bass sounds, gentle string instruments emerge and rise, conveying the listener into another world. Soon after, isolated restrained sounds from a harp ascend, seeming to summons cautiously. When then the cathedral organ foins in and the slackening harp begins anew to call, the sound creation swells immensely, almost overflowing into exaltation. The fascinating termination results from the quiet repetition of the harp, which escorts the soul into the light. Path into the Light - Symbol of humanity?

Vol. 21 = Freedom of the Soul

By employing two chords only throughout, the composer succeeds in creating an original and very impressive work, which has the effect of freeing the soul. This completely new construction is unique in the music history of the Occident.

Vol. 22 = Redemption

This music originated as an admonishment of humanity, demanding respect and protection of all animals. The listener is gripped by the heedful, warm-hearted musical intervals, which in typical Aandersan-style interweave. Again and again the reproachful, yearning calls from the herdsman emerge, which are symbolized by the constant sound of an oboe. An intensely gripping composition which stirs the heart profoundly.

Vol. 23 = Hope

This composition begins with a single voice full of eager anticipation. The following are hopeful responses of different choirs, some of which are still impressive reinforced by a huge cathedral organ. The typically Aandersan style weaves interlocking fascinating soundscapes. A powerful and heart touching, hope-giving work.


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