Who is Alexander Aandersan,

the composer and creator of a new impressive style of music, which thereby incites our contemporary music to return to the accessible tone rudementaries? His moving and fascinating compositions affect countless people very deeply. It is a previously unknown elementary, penetrating music, which touches and appeals to the listener. Is it the conscious and accentuated simplicity, the exceptional foregoing of melody and rhythm, this novel enveloping, often gentle intertwining of sound intonation?

Who first encounters Alexander Aandersan, meets not only the composer of this new and blessed music, but also an exceptionally versatile personage, a broadly educated humanist with University studies of Philosophy, Literature, Music and Law. The newcomer becomes acquainted with this enthusiastic and untiring admonisher, who - like a beacon - continuously indicates to us the right path of direction and exhorts us all again and again to respect and protect all forms of life. In his impressive and powerful public lectures Alexander Aandersan fights constantly for all helpless human beings and animals. Furthermore one recognizes the far-sightedness of this politician who, meanwhile, has set in motion a movement to this effect, which is now expanding in diverse European countries.

Innumerable people have already experienced Alexander Aandersan as an inspiring and charismatic speaker in his seminars. Many more have heard or read of him. His music speaks a language, which is understandable for all. Indeed, via his compositions, Alexander Aandersan is able to reach the hearts of the people...

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