Who is Alexander Aandersan,

the composer and creator of a new impressive style of music, which thereby incites our contemporary music to return to the accessible tone rudementaries? His moving and fascinating compositions affect countless people very deeply. It is a previously unknown elementary, penetrating music, which touches and appeals to the listener. Is it the conscious and accentuated simplicity, the exceptional foregoing of melody and rhythm, this novel enveloping, often gentle intertwining of sound intonation?

Who first encounters Alexander Aandersan, meets not only the composer of this new and blessed music, but also an exceptionally versatile personage, a broadly educated humanist with University studies of Philosophy, Literature, Music and Law. The newcomer becomes acquainted with this enthusiastic and untiring admonisher, who - like a beacon - continuously indicates to us the right path of direction and exhorts us all again and again to respect and protect all forms of life. In his impressive and powerful public lectures Alexander Aandersan fights constantly for all helpless human beings and animals. Furthermore one recognizes the far-sightedness of this politician who, meanwhile, has set in motion a movement to this effect, which is now expanding in diverse European countries.

Innumerable people have already experienced Alexander Aandersan as an inspiring and charismatic speaker in his seminars. Many more have heard or read of him. His music speaks a language, which is understandable for all. Indeed, via his compositions, Alexander Aandersan is able to reach the hearts of the people...

CD's of the following Alexander Aandersan compositions are available:

Vol. 1 = Harmony I

This music imparts quiet composure. Ideal for stress reduction and refuelling. Although this composition is purely instrumental one becomes acquainted with the typical Aandersan-style with its famous gently intertwining and blending of sounds. Much loved for harmonization within the family, schools, surgeries, offices and business. The hit of the early years.

Vol. 2 = Harmony II

In contrast to the calming and freeing from stress bestowed in Harmony I, this music builds up inner suspense. Propelling impulses convey strength, new hope, trust and courage. Nevertheless, it is completely harmonizing. The typical Aandersan-style with its beautiful, gentle interlacing of sounds renders inner quiet and peace. Purely instrumental. A great success of the early years.

Vol. 4 = Intersession

Endless peaceful harmonies which, in moving style, merge together. Deep, earnest though giving hope. Purely instrumental. In some passages, the fascinating arrangement of sounds is especially impressive. This is the CD used by Alexander Aandersan in his famous intersessions. A "must" for all Aandersan collectors.

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Excerpts from Critique and Description of

Alexander Aandersan's Music:

Alexander Aandersan's compositions are already familiar to many. His deeply stirring music awakens in us ancient memories, which most listeners never forget. This proves true to many of his compositions e.g. 'Kyrie eleison', 'Agnus Dei', 'Terra dolorosa', 'Worship', 'Dona nobis pacem II', 'The Angels of the Lord', 'Message of Love', 'Yearning', 'Libera me', 'Intercession' etc. One of the hitherto most brilliant works is 'Dona nobis pacem I'. Commencing with the gentlest pianissimo followed by the scarcely audible humming choir this "Give us peace" rises above the lamenting angelic voices almost unnoticed till an overwhelming fortissimo is reached and which the organ transcends. It is as if one nation on earth begins to beg ardently for peace and then is joined by more and more nations, which chime in to this fervent beseeching. The remarkable and sensational climax of this work is the grand finale: an impressively dynamic, and exceptionally stirring crescendo, which stretches over a period of 8 minutes and which is accomplished by not more than 2 tones!

Deeply impressive and indeed for many listeners the crowing of all previous compositions is the gigantic 'Revelation', in which the trombones in fascinatingly powerful style but nevertheless full of calm, slowly and gradually elevate in admonition above the restraint of the pianissimo-choir and the tension of the orchestral tones.

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Compositions by Alexander Aandersan

Available as CD:

Vol. 1    Harmony I

Vol. 2    Harmony II

Vol. 4    Intercession

Vol. 5    Message of Love

Vol. 6    Libera me

Vol. 7    Yearning

Vol. 8    Angels of the Lord

Vol.9     Agnus Dei

Vol. 10  Contemplation

Vol. 11  Dona nobis pacem I

Vol. 12  Dona nobis pacem II

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